Schutmaat Trio - You Died In My Future (Official Video)

Here it is!  The music video I conceived, shot, edited, and directed; and starring my beautiful girlfriend Kat.  I went back to my roots with this one and went ridiculously conceptual.  

A few things I wanted to point out (read these after you watch the video):

  • Before Kat opens the suitcase, her hat is red.  From the moment she opens it and on, it turns black.
  • Kat and I found the suitcase at a thrift store in Iowa that was closing down.  The asking price? $8.00  The price we paid?  $3.00 for two separate suitcases (one we didn’t ever end up using).
  • The quick cuts are simply black before Kat finds the suitcase.  After she opens it for the first time, it cuts in between a present-tense and her “baggage.”
  • The last shot was terrifying for me because I thought I only had one chance to get it right.  Once the suitcase hit the strong current of the Mississippi, it no longer belonged to me.  Turns out, there were some people fishing at the exact spot we shot and they successfully reeled it in for me to get a second opportunity.
  • I intentionally shot in places around Keokuk that I have no real attachment to.  This was done because I wanted the images to be personally rewarding, not containing any of my own baggage. (Often I refer to Keokuk as a town with all my demons).
  • Alvin hired me to shoot this because he likes the way I capture my life in my VIDEOTAPE project.  Because of this, I threw all the rules out of the window and tried my best to shoot it like a VidBlog.
  • Kat and I trespassed on some farmer’s property to get the first couple shots.  The second day, I noticed a black truck slowly creep down the road multiple times.
  • Some of the baggage Kat is carrying are scenes cut from real life footage of us.  I wanted it to seem as real as possible, and this seemed like the right thing to do.
  • The sparklers were Kat’s idea.  Other things Kat did: found the suitcase at the thrift store, makeup, clothing, and the lighting within the suitcase.
  • I was hired to shoot this and had the strictest timeline I’ve ever had.  Total time to conceive, shoot, and edit this:  Six Days.

I hope you enjoy it!  If you want a music video done by me, send me a message!  i’m affordable!

Nalani Proctor - Good Fine Lovin’

music video directed by Cody Weber

Nalani ProctorMusic Video Shoot 

Nalani Proctor
Music Video Shoot 

The music video shoot for Nalani Proctor was a success, if I do say so myself. 

The music video shoot for Nalani Proctor was a success, if I do say so myself.