2014 has been a good year for art so far.

If you’re curious on an album update, here’s what I have for you.  

  • Eight instrumentals are done.
  • Just finished a song this morning called, “Slack Tide”
  • Heather Whitt is hard at work painting the album cover.
  • Ein Astronaut is providing vocals for multiple tracks.
  • Josh Sullivan of October Wolves will be providing vocals on a song.
  • Brittany Soldo is providing vocals for a song called, “Birds”.
  • Burning At Both Ends will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Amazon.
  • Limited-Edition run of CDs will be available.  100 copies will be ordered and sold accordingly.  After they’re sold, there will not be another run.
  • Track Listing (as of now):
    01. Burning At Both Ends
    02. Birds
    03. Slack Tide
    04. Ethanol
    05. Put Me On The Video
    06. I Intend To Forget It Forever
    07. A Fine Line Between The Devil & Me
    08. You Could Have Moved To Michigan
    09. Electric Teeth
    10. TBD
    11. TBD
    12. TBD
  • Two versions of the album will be produced, one with vocals and an instrumental.
  • Music Videos will be shot for a majority of tracks, and unlike previous efforts, they will actually be storyboarded.  No more random VidBlog-like music videos.  
  • Burning At Both Ends will be released in May 2014, though the actual day of release has not been determined yet.  It really depends on how fast I get the songs written and albums pressed.

I have put my entire being into this thing.  Hopefully it comes out as good as I think it could.  

Will you be snagging a copy?

Put Me On The Video

Wren - Put Me On The Video (Mix 01)

So, the other day I posted this, and now I’m getting ready to start mastering the actual track.  It was a lot of fun manipulating Sadie’s voice and I think she’s going to get a real kick out of it.

8 songs deep!  I can’t wait for May to get here!  I’m aiming for a 12 Track album, longer than any of my other releases.  Taking a lot of risks with this too, diving into genres I’ve never touched before.

It’s mostly just a lot of fun.

I Intend To Forget It Forever

Wren - I Intend To Forget It Forever (rough mix 01)

This might be the weirdest song I’ve ever written.  Still in pre-master form.  Still needs tweaking.  Lots of pads, atmosphere, and thick bass.

Good to chill out to, I think.


Wren - Birds (Instrumental Mix 01)

I have been writing so much Wren stuff lately.  This has the potential to become my favorite so far.  Reminds me of Nostalgia-era Wren, like a sequel to Stiff.  The levels still need adjusted a bit, but it’s really coming together.  This MIDI keyboard I bought is doing wonders.