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  • WREN - Indian Summer

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Off the album, “Burning At Both Ends”, released in May 2014:


Wren - Opsin

I sampled the Rugrats (something I’ve always wanted to do) in the latest Wren song.  I’m edging in on the finish line for the next album!

What do you think?

2014 has been a good year for art so far.

If you’re curious on an album update, here’s what I have for you.  

  • Eight instrumentals are done.
  • Just finished a song this morning called, “Slack Tide”
  • Heather Whitt is hard at work painting the album cover.
  • Ein Astronaut is providing vocals for multiple tracks.
  • Josh Sullivan of October Wolves will be providing vocals on a song.
  • Brittany Soldo is providing vocals for a song called, “Birds”.
  • Burning At Both Ends will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, and Amazon.
  • Limited-Edition run of CDs will be available.  100 copies will be ordered and sold accordingly.  After they’re sold, there will not be another run.
  • Track Listing (as of now):
    01. Burning At Both Ends
    02. Birds
    03. Slack Tide
    04. Ethanol
    05. Put Me On The Video
    06. I Intend To Forget It Forever
    07. A Fine Line Between The Devil & Me
    08. You Could Have Moved To Michigan
    09. Electric Teeth
    10. TBD
    11. TBD
    12. TBD
  • Two versions of the album will be produced, one with vocals and an instrumental.
  • Music Videos will be shot for a majority of tracks, and unlike previous efforts, they will actually be storyboarded.  No more random VidBlog-like music videos.  
  • Burning At Both Ends will be released in May 2014, though the actual day of release has not been determined yet.  It really depends on how fast I get the songs written and albums pressed.

I have put my entire being into this thing.  Hopefully it comes out as good as I think it could.  

Will you be snagging a copy?